1. Question:  Do you think that Jobsearch.Az is the leading recruitment website?

Answer: Before we have developed Jobsearch.Az, a market research had been conducted amongst jobsearch websites in Azerbaijan as well as in CIS countries and some foreign countries. We have taken all the best from these sites, plus, we have develop lots of novelties based our experience in Recruitment and HR Management. Therefore we think our website is the quite competitive amongst the websites of the mentioned countries

2. Question:
  Do you conduct trainings?

Answer: We don’t do that for the time being, but we will be conducting in the coming 3-4 months. Training topic will include HR and Recruitment Management, but not limited to. We will also run Office Management, Procurement, HSE and some other trainings.

3. Question:  How many CVs do you have in your database and what’s my chance to be employed if I send you my CV/Resume?

Answer: Currently we have more that 7,000 candidates in our database and we cooperate with more than 70 companies. If you are well qualified candidate you have good chance to be employed. If you are student, then it is a bit difficult to help with employment since the companies employs experienced one, but still there is a chance if you  ambitious.

4. Question: Do you think Jobsearch.Az will be popular and most attended website?

Answer: Yes, we think so, since we have invested many resources to increase awareness of he people and companies about our website and we are actively continue our work on this.

5. Question: How often do you update your website?

Answer: Every day.

6. Question: Your HR tips are very helpful, how often will you update them?

Answer: Regularly. The aim of putting HR tips on menu is to help HR people to develop their knowledge on HR and get familiar with new articles on this issue. Also, to strengthen their knowledge on local Labor Code, since we will update it as soon as changes are taken place. It is also, helpful for Employer to learn it, particularly, if he wants to make business in Azerbaijan.

7. Question: What will happen with the contact e-mails you create for your clients when they post their vacancy through your website?

Answer: When clients ask us to post their vacancy, we give them options of putting contact e-mail address. It could be their e-mail address or the specially developed by us e-mail address which is valid 30 days only (up to deadline). After 30 days it is automatically deleted from our list along with vacancy itself.

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