Head of Department of Strategic Planning, Research and International Relations
JOB TITLE: Head of Department of Strategic Planning, Research and International Relations
PUBLISHED: 2016-12-07 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2017-01-06

LTD is looking for Head of Department of Strategic Planning, Research and International Relations.

Job descriptions

• Research and analysis of key national and global macroeconomic indicators, as well as medium and long-term economic forecasts and presentation to management board;
• Analyses of price and market trends for global precious and non-ferrous metals market;
• Study of innovations and development trends in the global mining industry, and preparation of proposals on implementation of relevant innovations in the Company;
• Participating at international mining industry events;
• Conducting economic assessments of new investment projects;
• Identification of potential partners for investment projects and evaluation of alternative models of partnership;
• Evaluation of alternative business models for development of deposits considering existing conditions and global best practices and providing relevant recommendations;
• Analysis of operational efficiency of the company and providing appropriate recommendations for improving efficiency;
• Determination of main directions of State support for the Company and country’s mining industry and giving relevant recommendations.


• Preparation of the Company's short, medium and long-term development strategy and participation in setting corporate strategic goals;
• Managing preliminary work necessary for development of new mines and conducting preliminary economic assessment;
• Coordination of work during selection of international consulting firms for feasibility studies of new projects.
• Participation in fund raising and new investment activities aimed to develop new business opportunities and improving efficiency;
• Developing and maintaining professional business relations with international organizations, foreign companies and partners.

Job requirements:

•  Education: Bachelor degree.
•  Experience: minimum 5-6 years relevant experience.
•  Language: fluent in Azeri, English, Russian.
•  Leadership and team management skills.
•  Highly motivated, enthusiastic and innovative.

To apply for this position, please, email your CV to h.zulfugarova@gmail.com
Put “Head of Department of Strategic Planning, Research and International Relations” in the subject of the letter.

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