Business Analyst
JOB TITLE: Business Analyst
PUBLISHED: 2018-01-04 LAST UPDATED: 2018-01-04 DEADLINE: 2018-02-03

Business Analyst

Business analysts are responsible for analyzing and investigating a company’s business activities and processes with the goal of improving efficiency through the use of IT resources.

As a business analyst, you will need to:

• communicate with internal colleagues to understand the needs of departments and the organization as a whole;
• work with external stakeholders to understand and investigate feedback into the service/function/product provided;
• use data modelling practices to analyze your findings and create suggestions for strategic and operational improvements and changes;
• consider the opportunities and potential risks attached to the suggestions you have made;
• identify the processes and information technology required to introduce your recommendations;
• gain agreement, usually from senior management, of the best method of introducing your recommendations to the business;
• communicate the benefits of your recommendations across departments and help to address any uncertainty and concern;
• produce written documentation to support your work, report on your findings and to present to stakeholders when necessary;
• support the staff and teams in making the recommended changes, including helping to resolve any issues;
• ensure plans are made and processes are created to evaluate the impact of the changes made, including taking responsibility for overseeing and reporting on this evaluation.

What to expect

• You could make significant change and impact within your role, making a substantial difference to the success of a company and the satisfaction of its employees, both of which can be very rewarding.
• You will work to deadlines and juggle multiple projects, which gives lots of variety but can be stressful.
• The role is largely office-based but will require travel to meet different internal and external stakeholders.
• You will need to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and formal dress is the norm.


• Minimum 3-5 years’ experience in FMCG industry

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