Needs assessment consultant
JOB TITLE: Needs assessment consultant
EMPLOYER: Regional Inkişaf İctimai Birliyi DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2018-06-13 LAST UPDATED: 2018-06-13 DEADLINE: 2018-07-13


for local consultant to conduct needs assessment of target groups and mapping of community resources for inclusive education in Azerbaijan.

“Ensuring Teachers Readiness for Inclusive Education” Project implemented by Regional Development Public Union (RDPU)


After Azerbaijan gained its independence in 1991, the need for fundamental reforms in education as in other areas emerged and the country started the process of transition from the Soviet education system to modern and international standards education system, whereby access to equal opportunities in education is ensured. The Government of Azerbaijan has taken international obligation to fulfil the principle of equal access to education by entering into a number of international commitments such as the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).
Since becoming a party to CRPD Azerbaijan has taken an inclusive approach to educational reform. Currently there are more than 60 000 children with disabilities in Azerbaijan, 77 % of which are not enrolled to schools at all. The government of Azerbaijan acknowledges the criticality of the problem and have taken measures to reduce the numbers of the children that are left out of the education system and have drafted relevant legislation and policy to ensure the establishment of inclusive education system.
The recently adopted "State Program on Development of Inclusive Education for Persons with Disabilities in 2018-2024" marks the significant milestone in this regard. The main goal set in the State Program is ensuring the access of persons with disabilities to education at all levels along with other people, creating an unobstructed environment for their education and integration into the community through inclusive education.

Generally, since 2004 there are have been numerous initiatives in enforcement of inclusive education by government of Azerbaijan with the support of international organizations and local NGOs. The important step in these reforms have been the creation of inclusive education model that is being currently applied in 4 schools in the capital city. This initiative also included improvement of teacher training modules and curriculum. As a result of this efforts the department of “Inclusive Education” has been established within Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. Currently inclusive education courses are being taught at 3 specialties (Pre-school education; Corrective pedagogy and Social, psychological services in education).


2.1. Overall objective

The main objective of the project is to improve teaching capacity and management, pedagogical resources and policies for an inclusive education system in 6 regions of Azerbaijan (Baku, Sheki, Aghjabadi, Guba, Shamakhi, Jalilabad).

2.2. Results to be achieved

The project seeks to accomplish the following goals:

• Development and modernization of teacher training curricula, textbooks, courses and educational materials;
• Improvement of skills and knowledge of primary education teachers and other professions in support of children with special needs/disabilities;
• Ensuring resource availability for primary education teachers and other support staff:
• Improving enabling environment and policies for Inclusive Education system.


3.1. General

The project is seeking to recruit a local consultant to conduct needs assessment in 6 target regions of Azerbaijan through an inclusive process and by ensuring that all relevant local stakeholders are involved in this process. The assessment shall identify community resources available for inclusive education in target regions.

3.2. Specific Activities

The Consultant shall undertake following activities:

1) Desk review and analysis of available statistical data, regional reports (reports from local authorities, education departments, local labor and social protection departments), independent research and any other relevant data
2) Conducting field visits, including focus group discussions and individual interviews with relevant stakeholders and target groups at 6 selected regions

3) Based on SWOT analysis conducted draft a report for each region identifying situational strength and weaknesses of each community in terms of resources

4) Presentation of the Report findings to community members and organization of 6 town hall meetings.

5) Finalization of the Reports including the inputs/comments from community members at town halls.

3.3. Final Deliverables

1) İnception Report from the desk review analysis and methodology to be used
2) Meetings and interviews conducted based on prepared methodology and questionnaires for individual and institutional interviews.
3) 6 Reports on situational strength and weaknesses of each community in terms of resources
4) 6 town hall meetings organized and reports presented
5) 6 final reports prepared and disseminated to all key stakeholders


4.1. Location

Baku, Sheki, Aghjabadi, Guba, Shamakhi, Jalilabad

4.2. Start date and period of implementation

2 July 2018 -  13 August 2018


Deliverable Timeframe Location  Payment

İnception report  9 July 2018 Baku, Sheki, Aghjabadi, Guba, Shamakhi, Jalilabad 10%
Meetings and interviews conducted 23 July 2018 Baku, Sheki, Aghjabadi, Guba, Shamakhi, Jalilabad  10%
6 Reports on  situational strength and weaknesses of each community in terms of resources prepared 30 July 2018 Baku 10%
6 town hall meetings organized and reports presented 06 August 2018 Baku, Sheki, Aghjabadi, Guba, Shamakhi, Jalilabad 20%
6 final reports prepared and disseminated to all key stakeholders 13 August 2018 Baku 50%


1) An advanced degree in the fields of social sciences, education, public policy or any other related fields.
2) At least 5 years of professional experience in carrying out surveys and assessments;
3) Good knowledge of educational challenges of children with special needs/disabilities.
4) Experience in data analysis, presentation methods and report writing.
5) Fluent in Azerbaijani and English


The Consultant shall report and submit all reports and deliverables listed in this terms of reference to Project Director. The reports must be written in Azerbaijani and English. The Project Director is responsible for approving the reports.


If you are interested to apply, please send your CV to by indicating "Needs assessment consultant" in the subject line. Only short listed candidates will be notified for the interview.

Deadline for submission is 10th of July 2018.

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