Marketing Manager (Assistant)
JOB TITLE: Marketing Manager (Assistant)
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-12 LAST UPDATED: 2018-11-12 DEADLINE: 2018-12-12

Marketing Manager (Assistant):


- Experience Marketing -specialist from 3 years;
- Competent Russian, Azerbaijani and English (spelling, punctuation).
- Experience with most of the main soc. networking (with a focus on Facebook, Instagram);
- Experience of launching and setting targeted ads (Facebook, Instagram) from 1 year;
- Experience with analytics systems (Google Analytics, as well as with third-party analytics services on SMM);
- Knowledge of all basic mechanics SMM;
- Experience with various support services (for advertising optimization, content creation, automation, statistics);
- Basic knowledge of e-mail marketing
- The ability to beautifully, qualitatively express their thoughts on social networks, passion, creativity and the generation of non-standard ideas;
- customer focus - the focus is on the needs of customers and identifying their needs;
- a high level of internal motivation, the ability to cope with difficulties and the achievement of good results.


- Creating a unique unified account concept;
- Full customization of the advertising account of the brands;
- Formation of content strategy / Development of unique content on a monthly / weekly basis;
- Regular communication with colleagues from related departments, drawing up a content plan based on the brief, its coordination and implementation as scheduled.
- Setting up and launching targeted advertising campaigns;
- Development of a strategy (definition of the target audience and the study of its interests, behavior, search for sites with a high concentration of the target audience, etc.)
- Analysis of the behavior of competitors, strategies for their presence in social networks;
- Develop a plan for advertising the product (s) of the company and deliver them to the end user;
- Development of activities and competitions aimed at increasing brand awareness;
- Analysis of indicators and results of activities; Search and adaptation of content to the subject of the company;
- Posting content (text, photos, videos, infographics) in social networks;
- Preparation of analytical reports on a weekly / monthly basis;
- Coordination of the work of the SMM team of related program specialists: training and mentoring.

Requirements for vacant positions:

Age: 20-30 (only woman candidates)
Work stage: min. 3 years
Occupation: Monday-Friday 9:30-18:30,Saturday 9:30-17:30
Salary:  400-700 (will be discussed upon interview)

If you meet all criteria for success send your  CV to  indicating the title of position in the subject line of your message.

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