Lifting site supervisor
JOB TITLE: Lifting site supervisor
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-05 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2018-12-05

Position: Lifting site supervisor                                                       

Job Type Full-time
Job Location: Azerbaijan/Baku


- Understand relevant Legislation, Regulations, technical standards and industry guidance
- The Organization and control of the lift
- Produce the Safe System of Work e.g. lift plan, risk assessment, etc.
- Identify, control and /or mitigate hazards
- Produce and implement correct manual handling and working at height procedures
- Define lift team member training / competence levels, roles and responsabilities
- Produce and /or implement notification and reporting procedures to relevant authorities, utility bodies, management, etc.
- Define the load weight, Centre of Gravity (CoG) location and any contingency factors
- Demonstrate that lifting equipment will be used within it’s capacity
- Demonstrate that the load will remain stable throughout the lift
- Choose suitable lifting appliances and accessories
- Ensure equipment is inspected / examined and maintained
- Ensure safety equipment is available and used correctly
- Ensure that the load imposed by a crane can be sustained by the ground, which is also level within manufacturer’s criteria
- Ensure equipment is positioned safely
- Define environmental limits and controls
- Define safe access and exit routes
- Ensure that there is an effective procedure for reporting of defects and incidents along with taking any necessary corrective actions
- Ensure the lift team are fully briefed on the Safe System of Work


• Banksman/slinger and rigging/lifting certification to BS EN 7121 standard
• Minimum local Appointed Person (AP) qualification
• Minimum 3-5 years’ experience on same role

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