Senior Economist
JOB TITLE: Senior Economist
EMPLOYER: Oil Company DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2018-11-08 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2018-12-08

Senior Economist

Job Description

Job Obligations

• To prepare and track performance of Annual Budget and Work Programme
• To analyse financial and operational activities and come up with proposals on improving efficiency of the business
• To come up with proposals on how to improve utilization of materials, labour and financial resources and arrange financial and opperational activities in most efficient way
• To make long and short term fiancial and economic forecasts and track implementation of such forecasts
• To prepare economic analysis for projects
• To participate in cost cutting activities related to delivery of products (works and services)
• To ensure correct application of requlations and rules for calculating revenues and costs relating to major operational activities
• To participate and implement improvements in Gas and Condensate balance movements in line with operational requirements
• To participate in economic justifactions for the application of new critical technologies, installation of facilities and implementation of projects (as needed)
• To participate in the analysis of service contracts with external parties on as needed basis
• To ensure timely and correct delivery of analytical and research related tasks assigned by Management
• To ensure timely and correct delivery of monthly, quarterly and annual reports  assigend to the Department by State Agencies ( State Statistics Committe in particular)
• To ensure delivery and timely submission of reports relating to production, lifting, sale and closing balances of Oil and Gas products
• To participate in the analysis of compliance with decisions, orders and requlations relating to production forecasting and outcome analysis in structural Departments
• To particpate in preparation of the draft of collective project agreement

Minimum required skills

• Knowledge of Tax Code of Azerbaijan Republic (mandatory paymenrs, requlatory limits for calculation rates, depreciation rates in particular)
• Knowledge of recent updates on regulations, rules and methodic guidilines relating to the recognition of revenues and costs
• Knowledge of Organisation and Economics of Production activities
• Understanding of structural and operational role of the department and its operational activities and potential development opportunities
• Knowledge of the system of economic indicators, evaluation approaches and reporting methods
• Knowledge of Payroll forms and systems
• Knowledge of regulations, pricing and service tariff rules for the recognition of revenues and costs
• Knowledge of Rewarding regulations
• Knowledge of Computer technologies and communication means

Professional Background

Minimum Bachelor’s degree and 3 years of work experince in related business

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