Project Manager
JOB TITLE: Project Manager
EMPLOYER: Kontinent İnşaat MMC DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-01-24 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-02-23

Project Manager

1.  Duties

1.1  Project Manager is under Head of Projects command
1.2  Project preparation and execution
1.3  Control on delivery time of works done according to the approved plan (graphic)
1.4  Forecasting of project works, forecasting control and  making amendments
1.5  Conception, object and main steps of the project is prepared and agreed by Head of department and Head of Projects
1.6  Defines technical specifications of designed goods
1.7  Prepares plan of movement of money flow of the project, expenses and income
1.8  Conducts project documentations
1.9  Attends in money costs management on the project according to the budget
1.10  Provides execution of the project according to working plan
1.11  Prepares and conducts project presentation
1.12  Makes amendments and includes to the project 
1.13  Co-ordinates works of the project team members
1.14  Controls quality of project works
1.15  Makes amendments to graphic plan of the project, agrees amendments with Head of Projects
1.16  Shows initiative to plan and conduct meetings during project period
1.17  Compiles and agrees interim and final reports with Planning Engineer and Tender Engineer in the Commercial Department, submits  interim and final reports to the leadership

2.   Knowledge & Skills

2.1  Methodical, normative and guiding documents related to projecting
2.2  Decisions, directions, orders of higher organizations and methodical normative or indicative materials related to the production- installation works
2.3  Principles of construction – installation works
2.4  available legislation of AR
2.5  Directions and orders of Executive Director of the Company, condition in department and Project division, all duties and obligations mentioned in this duty instructions
2.6  Technical means used in planning
2.7  Labor protection, technical safety, fire protection norms and rules
2.8  Internal Code of Conduct.  

3.0  Responsibilities

3.1  Responsible for keeping secret information and company secrets
3.2  Responsible for execution of duties specified by this “Duty Instruction”, fulfillment of directions and orders of Project Director and Executive Director of the Company in time and  quality
3.3  Responsible for inventory submitted by delivery and acceptance act or material responsibility agreement 
3.4  Responsible to follow labor discipline and interfirm disciplinary rules
3.5  Responsible for observing to labor protection, technical safety, production sanitary, fire protection norms and rules, fulfillment of other labor functions specified in this instruction.

4.0  Job Requirements

4.1. Education High 
4.2. Job Experience 10 years - At least 3 years’ experience in related position  
4.3. Language skills Azerbaijan, English, Russian     
4.4. Computer Skills MS Office, AutoCad, Outlook and other graphic programs      
4.5. Other requirements Russian is preferable 

Salary: 4000-5000 AZN (depends on qualification and experience)

To apply for this opportunity, please send your resume to with subject «Project Manager»

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