Senior environmental engineer
JOB TITLE: Senior environmental engineer
EMPLOYER: Oil Company DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-02-05 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-03-07

Senior environmental engineer


 gather data from a range of sources through site assessments, environmental monitoring and third party reports
 evaluate the environmental impact of the project, hazard or commercial operation
 write up and present findings, costing, health and safety plans and recommendations on the containment, clean-up process, remediation, recycling and waste disposal, in order to fix environmental issues
 create plans to protect and restore the environment by removing contaminants from water, air and land
 develop site-specific health and safety protocols such as spill contingency plans or methods for loading and transporting raw materials
 provide advice about preventing future difficulties
 implement, manage and supervise the day-to-day tasks
 communicate with sensitive stakeholders such as local residents in order to minimize the impacts of projects on the community
 regularly liaise with clients and local authorities relating to planning aspects of projects
 provide advice to and work alongside other professionals, such as environmental scientists, planners, construction workers, lawyers, and landowners to address environmental problems and promote environmental sustainability
 be familiar with current environmental regulations and guidance.


 Provide technical support in developing and implementing environmental programs in oil and gas industry.
 Prepare, review, and update environmental investigation reports. Analyze root causes of environmental incidents and propose corrective action plans.
 Review and recommend improvements to existing environmental programs to reduce environmental damages.
 Design projects leading to environmental protection, such as water reclamation facilities, air pollution control systems, and operations that convert waste to energy
 Assist in getting and maintaining environmental permits for industries.
 Provide technical support for environmental remediation projects and for legal actions
 Analyze scientific data and do quality-control checks
 Monitor the progress of environmental improvement programs
 Inspect industrial and municipal facilities and programs to ensure compliance with environmental regulations
 Advise corporations and government agencies about procedures for cleaning up contaminated sites

Work experience

 Work experience with an environmental engineering organization is valuable but any experience in the environmental sector will be welcomed
 Prefer 7 or more years of related experience
 Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
 Work with others as a team player
 Ability to read and interpret construction drawings, specifications and other documents

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