Fit out technician
JOB TITLE: Fit out technician
EMPLOYER: Azerbaijan Supermarket LLC DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-02-06 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-03-08

Location : NGA project
Department : Store Development
Reports to Facility Manager
Direct reports: Junior Electrical Engineer, Chef Electrical Engineer
Position : Fit out technician

Job Title: Fit out technician.

- Responsible for performing routine building maintenance tasks.   
- Performance of building maintenance tasks in field of fit out works;
- Perform general cleaning.
- Perform other tasks as assigned.

Job Role Responsibilities

 Inspects buildings and other structures to determine functional systems and detect malfunctions and needed repair making notes and recommendations using a pre‐established check sheet.
 Performs good painting, carpentry and masonry work (e.g. preparing surfaces and using brush, sprayer, or roller to apply paints, stains, and varnishes, hanging doors, fitting locks and handles, etc.).
 Reconfigures, installs, positions, and remounts modular offices and space (e.g. furniture, wall panels, work surfaces
 Storage bins, lighting, file cabinets, etc.) to accommodate user needs and maximize office space using various hand, power and specialty tools, dollies and hand trucks.
 Prepares the surfaces and paints various structures and equipment (e.g. walls, refrigerators, evaporative coolers, floors, roofs, doors, restroom facilities, etc.) to preserve wood and metal parts from corrosion and maintain a safe, comfortable working environment using various painting equipment and related tools (e.g. sprayers, rollers, brushes, thinners, etc.).
 Clean rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, rest rooms, corridors, elevators, stairways, parking lots, and other work areas.
 Order parts and maintain required documents.
 Performs other work related duties as assigned.
 Must be able to work flexible hours.


 Completion of elementary school education.
 Two years working experience in facility maintenance.
 Basic understanding of electrical and plumbing is a plus.


 Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
 Must be customer service oriented.
 Ability to meet or exceed the company’s attendance and punctuality standards.
 Ability to evaluate objectively, fairly, and consistently.
 Ability to use common tools.
 Ability to understand and follow directions as given
 Ability to work with minimal supervision.
 Must have a valid Driver's License
 Driving skills of mechanical transmission


 Color vision
 Ability to lift minimum 50 pounds (trash and supplies).
 Ability to climb ladder and step ladder.
 Bending at the waist, sitting, kneeling, laying horizontally, climbing, walking, etc., as job may require.


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