Loan Monitoring Specialist
JOB TITLE: Loan Monitoring Specialist
PUBLISHED: 2019-04-22 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-05-22

Loan Monitoring Specialist

Job purpose

Responsible for support in fulfilment of periodic complex monitoring of customers’ credits timely and qualitative, early detection of signals in order to reduce credit risks.

Main Accountabilities

• To achieve monitoring quality (analysis and comparison of customer and his guarantors’ credit history, financial status- consolidation of information, reports and delivering to management, bank’s structural divisions etc.)
• Achieve monitoring quantity
• Covenants monitoring and reporting on pending or breached covenants
• In case of EWS action and mitigation plans should be provided to cover risk
• To analyze and follow up clients which are included watch list category
• To identify and determine influence of key macro and industry factors to minimize credit risks
• Control to execute of action plans based on EWS (Upsell, mitigation of credit risks)
• Providing support to other teams about risk’s issues

Knowledge, skills and experience required

• Education: Bachelor degree in finance or other relevant field.
• Work experience: Minimum 5-year experience in relevant field.
• License / Certificate: ACCA Papers F3, F7, Certificates in Finance Modeling (Preferable)
• Foreign Language: English (fluent)
• Computer Skills: Microsoft Office
• Product Knowledge: Required
• Market Knowledge: Required
• Other: Financial reporting understanding, Strong communication skills, able to reserve conflict, promote innovative thinking and self-improvement.

Interested Candidates please send your CV to indicating “Loan Monitoring Specialist” in the subject line of your message. Otherwise, your candidacy will not be considered.

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