Welding Inspector
JOB TITLE: Welding Inspector
PUBLISHED: 2019-05-06 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-06-05

Welding Inspector

• Codes, standards and specifications: Interpretation of the intent and ensuring the requirements of codes, standards and specifications are met;
• Welding procedures: Ensuring that a procedure is available, has been approved and is being employed in production;
• Welder qualification tests: Witnessing the preparation of test plates verifying that adequate and valid welder approvals are available, and that only approved welders are used in production;
• Project Materials: Verifying project materials against documentation and markings;
• Welding consumables identity and Storage: Verification of correctness of welding consumables (electrodes, filler wires, consumable in¬serts, gases, fluxes etc.) and checking of storage condition to ensure it meets the standard requirements;
• Pre-weld inspection: Verification that dimensions, fit-up and weld preparations are in accordance with specifications/procedures;
• Preheating: Verification that any required preheat is in accordance with the specified procedure;
• In-process welding inspection and surveillance: Surveillance during welding to verify compliance with specified procedures including any pre-heat, inter-pass temperature control and post heat require¬ments;
• Post-weld heat treatment: Verification, when required that post weld heat treat¬ment has been conducted in accordance with specification requirements;
 Post-weld visual inspection: Visual inspection and dimensional check of completed weldment against specification require¬ments and drawings;

NDT: Raise Request for Inspection (RFI’s) prior any visual or NDT tests to be performed on welded items.

• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.


• Minimum 5-7 years of experience in inspection
• Reading comprehension of Welding Procedure Specification (WPS’s), Inspection Test plan (ITP), and Quality Controls related procedure requirements
• Excellent written and spoken communication skills


• Valid TWI - Welding Inspector CSWIP 3.1 accreditation or equivalent.

Language Skills:

• Azerbaijani
• English

IT Skills/İ:

• Proficiency with multiple computer operating systems and software applications (Microsoft Office - Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint).

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