School Counselor
JOB TITLE: School Counselor
EMPLOYER: SABIS® SUN International School DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-06-12 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-07-12

Job Title:  School Counselor

Job Type: Full-Time
Contact Phone: Tel (+994) 12 404 74 41/42/44 ;   Mob (+994) 55 525 37 66;



Deadline: August 1, 2019 or until position has been filled or closed.


The University Counselor and Career Advisor is responsible for guiding students through the university application process. This involves analysis of a student’s aptitude and skills, discussion of university and career plans, advising on course selection and appropriate external exam qualifications and timely completion of applications. These tasks are to be completed in close cooperation with the Director, the Secondary AQC, the teaching staff and the student’s parents.


 Meet with and evaluate students’ strengths, weaknesses, interests, and skills
 Identify areas for improvement i.e. behavioral issues, academic performance problems, and attendance non-compliance
 Collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents for student success
 Arrange and schedule orientation programs and internships
 Strengthen relationship with universities to facilitate the admission process for SABIS® seniors
 Ongoing update of university contacts database which is SABIS® proprietary
 Discuss with students the university requirements and options prior to the beginning of the application process
 Conduct extensive research including but not limited to university requirements, deadlines, acceptance criteria, etc. in order to provide students with relevant information and feedback
 Review students’ college essays and personal statements to ensure higher rate of acceptance
 Meet with parents to discuss their child (ren)’s options in relation to visa requirements, university choices, etc.
 Provide support to student in completing the university application to make sure that it is done in an efficient, effective, and timely manner
 Prepare/organize all school forms required by colleges/universities to complete student applications thoroughly and on time
 Help students register for external exams to make sure they fulfill the admissions criteria  prior to beginning the college/university application process
 Perform other related tasks or projects as they arise and as delegated by the school or SABIS® management
 Knowledge of Languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English
 Familiar with process for entering local universities

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