Safety Culture Program Advisor
JOB TITLE: Safety Culture Program Advisor
EMPLOYER: Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2019-07-15 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-08-14
Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum
Safety Culture Program Advisor
Position to report : HSE Method and Reporting Lead
Absheron Early Production Scheme (EPS) is an early development phase to target a first gas production in 2021.
The Full Field Development will be envisaged depending on the results of EPS well ABD001.
JOCAP Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum is a new Company created in March 2018, which is the Operator of Absheron from August 2018.
Absheron development reference agreements are PSA, JOA and addendums.
The job holder’s overall responsibility is to build up a strong HSE culture within the JOCAP organisation during the Engineering, Procurement, Supply, Construction, Commissioning and Installation phases, in compliance with JOCAP HSE policies, procedures and objectives, international standards and requirements.
The job holder shall promote HSSE Safety culture in the Project; he shall ensure that all activities required in the Safety Culture program are properly implemented and achieved across the Project and Packages. He shall provide inputs on the Safety Culture program contents to the Project (HSSE Manager, Package Managers) and, in general, to the whole Project team.
The job holder will participate, as required, to the workshops for Safety Culture program implementation across the packages and yard, will act as a coordinator of all Safety Culture program related activities either workshops, yards diagnosis, REX and feedbacks, trainings.
The job holder will take part to the coordination of HSSE activities within the Project and, as such, shall liaise permanently with Project Package Managers and HSE Method / Reporting Lead. This includes the participation to regular meetings at Service Providers offices, regular visits/ Safety Culture program presentations on yard, participation to the review of Safety Culture program progress through HSE Committee meetings.
The job holder assists also the HSE Method / Reporting Lead in the mobilization of Specialized third parties that are in charge of animating various parts of the program (Training of supervisors, workshops organization).
The job holder reports to the HSE Method / Reporting Lead.
The job holder ensures good relationships with Service Providers or Contractors during the whole Project Duration.
The job holder is accountable for demonstrating an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE rules & requirements, with regards to the Company Ethics and “Code of Conduct” policy and for implementing and controlling these rules and requirements within his area of responsibility.
 Comply with the Activities described within the HSE Management System
 Take reasonable care of own Health and Safety and that of Others who may be affected by their acts at work
 Each employee, at his level of responsibility, must observe all Procedures and instructions in the performance of his own task
 Exercise such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or to avoid pollution
 Report any anomaly, abnormal conditions and near miss to supervisor
 PLeader in the execution of the HSE plans
Authority to suspend activities when there is a potential or actual threat to human life, the installation or the environment, and notify forthwith the responsible supervisor
1. Adopt and demonstrate an exemplary behaviour with regard to HSSE, to implement HSSE rules and requirements within his area of responsibility.
2. Provides advises & guidance to the Company on all JOCAP Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality, Energy
and Sustainability aspects for protection of JOCAP's personnel, Assets, environment and for sustainable development.
3. To actively promote Safety culture and awareness, and in general to coordinate all Safety Culture Program activities.
4. To participate, as required, in the definition of Safety Culture program contents after feedback from yards initiatives.
5. To keep track of changes related to Safety Culture, in regulations, standards and inform the project on their impact on the Project HSSE management system.
6. To assist HSSE Method and Reporting Lead in the monitoring and recording of Safety Culture activities of the project, and, as required, in preparation of presentations and reports.
7. To participate, as required, in the organization of Safety Culture reviews and in the update of the Safety Culture implementation across the whole project.
8. To liaise with Package Managers in the packages for all aspects related to Safety Culture Program.
9. To review Contractor’s HSSE systems for safety culture and control their implementation by conducting
regular safety audits of Contractors on construction yards, on offshore site to assess impact of such programs as LIHS and Just Rules
10. To ensure that actions from Safety culture (external and internal) are implemented and completed
11. To ensure adequate and timely reporting to the HSE Method and Reporting Lead, with necessary warnings about the Safety Culture program progress
12. To ensure confidentiality of all the HSSE documentation produced (whatever its support)
13. To gather ‘lessons learnt’ and provide feedback as required

 Level / Diploma: BA/MA degree in Safety Management or equivalent
 Minimum 10 years’ experience in Safety management with a minimum of 5 years in E&P Operations - International Experience recommended. Proficient trainer in Safety.
 Fluent in English.
 Other required Competencies:
Advanced Human Relations, Problem Solving coordinating, Industrial Risk Management
Interested applicants should submit their CV in English to

Deadline for applications – August 31, 2019.

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