Dairy Packaging Operator (Milla Dairy Plant)
JOB TITLE: Dairy Packaging Operator (Milla Dairy Plant)
PUBLISHED: 2019-09-27 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-10-27

Dairy Packaging Operator (Milla Dairy Plant)


The key activities/responsibilities for the role of Dairy Packaging Operator are as follows:
1.       Materials and staff preparation, including:
a.        Reviewing and approving of product coatings, inclusions, additions and primary and secondary packaging against relevant specifications
b.       Transfer of liquid product base into the filling tanks including conducting the necessary flushes and product purges and the coordinating of semi-finished goods release via the laboratory
c.        Organization of end of line staff and briefing as per the work order requirements and production timings
2.       Equipment preparation and start up, including:
a.        CIP verification and plant sterilization
b.       Pre-start up hygiene routine including selected manual cleaning
c.        Inspection of local area and rectification of any hygiene or material control issues
d.       Mechanical and HMI set up of the machine as per the relevant SKU
e.       Machine inspection  and completion of release documentation
f.         Dry-cycling of machine and liaising with technical team for start-up approval
3.       Effective operation of the line equipment and staff, which includes:
a.        Management of local area hygiene including both machine and the built environment
b.       Control and handling of raw materials and packaging to ensure continuous line operation
c.        Manufacture of finished goods within the Milla quality specifications
d.       Adherence to OEE targets for machine availability, performance and quality
e.       Completion of ISO documentation to allow for product traceability including semi-finished product transfer data, machine output data, product specification information and palletization/FG transfer records
f.         Effective communication of progress, target adherence or line problems to the End of Line Staff, Technical Staff and Supervisors
g.        SKU changeovers when required and effective control of machine change parts
h.       Assisting end-of-line packing staff when required
4.       Controlled equipment shut down, including activities such as:
a.        Line finalization and transfer of the last finished goods piece to the Supply Chain team
b.       Return of unused materials to the relevant Supply Chain department and completion of return goods documentation
c.        Completion and reconciliation of all ISO production paperwork
d.       Equipment strip down, manual cleaning and preparation for CIP
e.       Conducting equipment CIP’s and ensuring all relevant technical parameters are adhered to
f.         Local area cleaning and preparation for the next production order
5.       Cleaning of equipment and front line maintenance, such as:
a.        Periodical deep cleaning of the machine and built environment
b.       Providing assistance to the Milla engineering team during equipment interventions and trials
c.        Filling Machine SKU changeovers and weekly maintenance/hygiene routine of storage tanks, transfer lines and filling line equipment

Education / Experience Requirements

The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate the following:
  Higher education diploma within a technical area
  3 years ‘machine operator’ experience within a FMCG environment – Preference will be given to candidates with experience of:
o    Form Fill and Seal machines
o    Rotary volumetric filling machines
  Understanding of ISO 9001 and 22000 requirements
  Verbal and written English language skills

Candidates are requested to send their CVs to hr@milla.az until 17.10.2019
Please indicate the name of the position (Dairy Process Operator (Milla Dairy Plant&Dairy Packaging Operator ) you are applying for in the subject line of the email.
Please be advised that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the further stages of the recruitment process.

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