HSE Manager
PUBLISHED: 2019-11-29 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2019-12-29

PROKON LLC is pleased to announce HSE Manager position for a Building Construction Project.

Job role/responsibilities:

• Establishing the company’s health & safety vision and leading all aspects of the company’s HSE operation.
• Provide hands on in the work place direction, guidance, and support on Quality Method and Standards issues, to ensure that operations run with maximum efficiency.
• Carry out HSE evaluations of projects, identify problem areas and ensure all matters are discussed with relevant instances and clarified in order to avoid delays.
• Periodically checks HSE related activities.
• Liaise with Senior Management before and during client and potential client audits.
• Compliance and Enforcement of all Health, Safety and Environmental Issues (Project and Field Report Audits; Contractors Audits and Compliance with Industry Standards)
• Documentation, Tracking, Statistics and Reporting on HSEQ issue.
• Near Miss/Hazard/Observation Reports.
• A system is in place for reporting, investigating, analyzing and documenting all HSE incidents, regulatory compliance incidents, and significant near misses.
• Establish a process to verify that corrective actions, as a result of incident investigations are documented and implemented.
• Accident/Incident Reports and Corrective actions
• Post-accident/incident Root-Cause Analysis
• Report findings are analyzed for root causes and to ascertain where improvements to practices, standards, procedures, or systems are warranted; and used as a basis for further improvements.
• Maintaining Safety and Operations Manuals.
• To monitor and audit quality performance and activities on sites.
• İdentification of HSE training directions.
• Ensure all personnel have the necessary training for the project
• HSE training shall be provided to ensure that employees are competent at their work.
• Review continually the HSE legislation, and provide advice/recommendations to senior leadership to ensure operational best practices & compliance.
• Establish HSEQ standards and ensure adherence to them for product development and company operations.
• Implementation of HSE Management System.
• HSE Strategies, Policies, Procedures, Standards, Processes, Practices and Guidelines support (advise).
• To plan the division budget and headcount assumptions.
• To identify the division targets, relevant performance indicators and provide their implementation.
• To provide the distribution of workload within the division according to the company strategy, employees’ job descriptions and individual targets.

Minimum qualifications &experience required:

• 5+ years of experience in HSE Manager position in Building construction projects
• Bachelor Degree in Science/Engineering or equivalent with additional professional qualifications in HSE field.
• Have a proactive approach and be very 'front line' with HSE.
• Strong communication skills and ability to work under pressure
• Good knowledge of English

Application Procedures:

Qualified candidates should submit their application to hr@prokon.az email address.
Please indicate the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email. Otherwise, the candidacy will not be considered in the review process.
Project information/ job scope will be provided in details during the interview process conducted with shortlisted candidates
Deadline for CV submission –10.12.2019

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