JOB TITLE: Accountant
PUBLISHED: 2020-05-12 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2020-06-11


The duties will include:

▪ Organize accurate accounting of the official financial results of the enterprise in accordance with the current legislation;
▪ Organize the conduct of official accounting, guided by the rules of accounting;
▪ Issuance of accounting records on the program;
▪ Ensure full accounting and timely accounting of transactions related to the movement of official incoming funds, material resources and basic funds;
▪ Implementation of payments on Bank accounts;
▪ Registration of accounts with other creditors and debtors;
▪ Preparation and presentation of official reports;
▪ E-mail Accounts, Invoice, Cash Flow, Invoice Processing;
▪ Accounting of fixed assets and amortization calculation;
▪ Carrying out salaries and other payments of employees;
▪ Conducting confrontation with creditors and debtors;
▪ Preparation and submission of payment accounts;
▪ Preparation of preliminary and accounting documents.


▪ To have at least 1 (one) years experience in leading positions in finance and accounting (chief treasurer, senior treasurer, senior accountant, etc.);
▪ Higher education (accounting, finance, economics);
▪ Advanced Microsoft Office skills (Microsoft Excel specifically);
▪ Previous 1C (8.3) work experience is desirable;
▪ Advanced analytical, organization, and interpersonal skills;
▪ Have high corporate communication, teamwork and team building skills;
▪ Fluency in Azerbaijani (English is desirable);
▪ Responsibility.

Relevant candidates may apply with the title of  “Senior Accountant” at . Only selected candidates will be invited to interview for the next phase of the recruitment process.

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