Development Administration and Joint Venture Relations Coordinator
JOB TITLE: Development Administration and Joint Venture Relations Coordinator
EMPLOYER: Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-08 LAST UPDATED: 2020-07-08 DEADLINE: 2020-08-07

DIRECTION : Development and Joint Venture
DIVISION : Joint Venture
JOB TITLE (JOB HOLDER): Development Administration and Joint Venture Relations Coordinator


Position to report : Development and JV Director
Contract duration: Long term
Present job holder : new recruitment


Production and Financial Data:
Absheron Early Production Scheme (EPS), an early development phase to target a first gas production mid-2022 at a plateau of 1.5
Gm3/year. Following the EPS well results, a full field development is now envisaged.
Agreements :
PSA and addendum required for the development of Absheron EPS; JOA and amendment required for the development of Absheron
EPS: extend JOA scope to cover marketing activities and address subsequent Conflict of Interest situations and funding,
OPCO Agreements: Shareholders Agreement (SHA), Technical Service Agreement (TSA), Secondment Agreement.


Coordinating the workflow of all official incoming and outgoing information with Contractors Parties and local authorities. Information includes periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual) and non-periodic reporting (exception of raw data directly managed by technical teams),
 Organizing meetings (internal and offsite) including: setting up video conferencing equipment; coordinating weekly staff meetings; setting up and facilitating bi-weekly leadership meetings; preparing agenda and logging action items.
 Dealing with all correspondence with Contractor Parties
 Scheduling and coordinating meetings with diverse Development entities of and between JOCAP and Service providers
 Maintaining accurate tracking and recording of document approvals.
 Organizing formal JOA committees and subcommittees as per JOA obligations (planning, agenda, pre-readings, dry runs, global governance, time keeping, consolidation of minutes) as per JOA obligations :
 Before the meeting : consolidation of the annual program, organization of the global logistics (drafting agenda, lists of topics, potential presenters, meeting rooms, communication equipment, accommodation, catering and social events), final consolidation in particular organization of dry runs and pre-read process
 During the meeting : time keeping, discussion facilitator, minutes on the fly, consolidation of minutes at the end of the meeting,
 After the meeting : distribution to the Contractor Parties and archiving/posting of the minutes and all related documents in a database (to be in place)
 Dealing with all correspondence related to Authorities, in a growing businesses with a growing volumes of documents; whether the documents are in the form of papers or in the form of electronic data sheets there is a clear need to manage internal documents.
 Ensure that received correspondence are translated in English, sent to the required people preparing the answer, to be back translated in Azerbaijani then signed by the authorized people before being sent back to the initial authorities;
 Ensure that for any incoming request, JOCAP :
 respond in a timely manner
 provide appropriate answer
 track the exchanged letters/documents
 Ensuring that all reports to Authorities are prepared, translated and sent on time;
 Ensure coordination with local authorities.
 Preparing periodic and non-periodic Reports for validation before distribution.
 Liaise with internal Divisions to collect relevant information for Joint Venture (JV) Reports
 Have document dully validated ready to be sent on deadlines
 Independently handling general office administration tasks such as coordinating travel arrangements, completing and managing service requests, time entries, maintaining SharePoint data and filing. Keep an up-to-date list of contractual obligations vis-a-vis Contractor Parties and local authorities and insure its adherence.
 Managing final approval process of contracts by Contractors Parties (MC submission) then by Authority (SC resolution)
 With regard to Quality process, job holder tasks are to
 Participate in promoting Quality and continuous improvement throughout the Company, and with Contractor Parties
 Propose process improvements by participating in the Company Quality process and ensuring the monitoring of key processes
 Promote the efficiency of a Quality Management System within the Company by ensuring consistent application of governance principles of the Management System
This high-paced position will assist with a variety of duties related to planning, developing and coordinating activities.
The job holder is accountable for:
 Ensuring that all contractual requirements are met as per PSA, JOA and SHA.
 Developing and maintaining confident climate, effective communication and relationship with Contractors Parties,
 Providing Contractors Parties with the information for their management to take efficient and relevant decisions (transparency,
relevancy and efficiency of communication will be the three driving forces)
 Ensuring the implementation of the decided workflow of the development studies between JV Partners and its Service Providers in order to ease the flow of information.
 Ensuring regular internal & external (in line with EDPSA & JOA) reporting of the development activity detailing technical, planning & budget aspects.
 Respect the JOCAP Code of Conduct and Maintain ethical culture at the workplace.


The job holder will promote safe working practices in company operational and non-operational premises and will act at all times in accordance with the company HSE and business ethics policies.
 Comply with the Activities described within the HSE Management System
 Take reasonable care of own Health and Safety and that of Others who may be affected by their acts at work
 Know responsibilities to environmental issues in the work areas
 Each employee, at his level of responsibility, must observe all Company Rules, Procedures and instructions in the performance of his own task
As such his duties and areas of authority are:
 Follow HSE instructions given by Managers and supervisory personnel
 Assure of the safety of his work site before commencing work
 Take the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger
 Exercise such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or to avoid pollution
 Use tools, equipment and their safeguards correctly
 Use the provided means of personal protection correctly
 Leave the workplace behind correct and orderly, upon job completion – enforce the Company Clean Desk policy
 Report any anomaly, abnormal conditions and near miss to supervisor
 Participate actively in HSE meetings, safety talks, tool boxes, training sessions and drills
 Co-operate actively in the execution of the HSE plans
Authority to suspend activities when there is a potential or actual threat to human life, the installation or the environment, and notify forthwith the responsible supervisor


The job holder must have:
 University or Diploma/Certificate level degree in international background with focus on business management, technical background is a plus.
 Senior progressive administrative experience preferably in the petroleum industry with international exposure, who demonstrates
strong business judgment in all aspects of communication, has superior organizational skills and enjoys working in a busy environment with changing priorities.
 Ability to work on projects in a complex and multicultural environment and used to communication with international technical
staff and experts, having worked in an International O&G Cie is appreciated.
 Good experience in cross-functional management in difficult joint ventures.
 Good knowledge of oil & gas business and in Joint Venture management.
 Knowledge in Exploration & Production codes & standards.
 Minimum experience in working with representatives of governments and local authorities.
 Computer literate, especially in Microsoft Words, Power point and Excel.
 Fluent in English and Azerbaijani languages, Russian language recommended.

Interested applicants should submit their CV in English to
Please indicate the name of the position you are applying for in the subject line of the email. Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered.

Deadline for applications – 08th August, 2020.

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