Chief Engineer
JOB TITLE: Chief Engineer
PUBLISHED: 2020-07-23 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2020-08-22

Chief Engineer

General Responsibilities

As a team leader, the Chief Engineer works with other managerial staff to ensure project completion in an efficient manner. Overseeing each phase of the installation, equipment maintenance or product development so that the team meets company specifications and complies with federal and state regulations.

Specific duties may vary widely, according to the type of job and the field of engineering. Most assignments, however, would require that a chief engineer:

• plan, manage and co-ordinate the work of Engineering Department
• determines the goals of the company or organization
• devises plans for each phase of the project
• identifies and procures the resources needed
• recruits engineering staff
• performs quality control checks, ensuring the safety and effectiveness or reliability of the system or product
• evaluates the costs within a specific time frame.
• supervises the installation of the equipment or the manufacturing process of a product
• negotiates with team members to generate ideas and clarify specifications
• delegates tasks as necessary to engineering team
• resolves disputes between team members


• Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or Master's in Engineering.


• Minimum 10 years of experience.
• Experience designing and manufacturing advanced products with a history of field worthy and field proven designs.

Additional Qualifications

Chief engineers must show evidence of excellent problem solving skills as well as keen analytical abilities. They must have strong leadership qualities, as well as excellent communication skills. They should be able to negotiate with team members. Strong management/leadership skills, deadline and project driven, problem solver with the ability to motivate others.

Interested candidates are welcome to send their CVs both in Azerbaijani and in English language to by indicating the name of the vacancy in the subject line of the letter.

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