Accounts payable/Payroll accountant
JOB TITLE: Accounts payable/Payroll accountant
EMPLOYER: Petrochem Performance Products LLC DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2020-09-15 LAST UPDATED: 2020-09-15 DEADLINE: 2020-10-15

Accounts payable/Payroll accountant

Job description and primary responsibilities:

- Prepares bank payment orders, post bank transactions into local books and accounting system;
- Maintains accounting ledgers by verifying and posting account transactions;
- Receives, reviews and posts debit/credit notes into general ledger;
- Updates payables list according to payments made;
- Reviews and verifies invoices, their accompanying payment requests and purchase orders to ensure compliance to policies and procedures for such elements as: proper authorization, applicable matching purchase order or contract number, accuracy and reasonableness of the charge code, presence of accurate banking information where wire payments are involved, etc.;
- Liaises with HR regarding staff appointments, terminations, remuneration, conditions of service and other relevant matters;
- Checks all supporting documents for additional payments (overtimes, bonuses, paid leaves, business trips etc.) and Time board (provided by HR) with system data;
- Calculates gross and net amount to be paid to employees based on time boards and supporting documents. All payroll related calculations (payments for vacation, overtimes, bonuses, deductions related to any kind of advances, telephone usage, etc.) must comply with regulatory requirements and internal procedures of the Company (in case of conflict regulatory requirements prevail internal procedures);
- Performs all calculations regarding to PIT and SSPF deductions. (including for cases of business trip, home allowance etc.);
- Calculates and makes payments to SSPF;
- Calculates and makes termination payments (resignation/retirement/redundancy)- allowance for unused vacation balance and deductions of any financial responsibilities (equipment, loan etc.) that were failed;
- Enters payroll related data to Payroll Journal which is sent to Head of Accounting for approval. The document is used for calculating employee awards taking into account salary, bonuses, all exemptions, deductions, hours worked and absent;
- If Payroll Journal is not approved makes respective adjustments to eliminate previous errors;
- After aproval of transmits all payroll related data to General Ledger cost accounts;
- Prepares and signs Bank transfer payroll journal, sends it to Head of Accounting for approval and then the document has to be sent to bank accompanied with payment order;
- Sends payroll related data of each employee to his/her e-mail;
- Prepares monthly Payroll Report and other ad-hoc reports if required;
- Prepares return schedule for advance salary payments and if employee receives payment Payroll Accountant each month performs respective deductions.
- Prepares invoice batches and inputs in the accounts payable module of the financial information system on a daily basis to ensure payments are processed in time for the weekly and monthly deadlines;
- Prepares journal entries in order to record cost allocation or adjustments in accounting records;
- Charges expenses to accounts and cost centers by analyzing invoice/expense reports;
- Responds to inquiries from suppliers, consultants and clients regarding the status of their payments and follows up with the decisions;
- Maintains all accounts payable reports, spreadsheets and corporate accounts payable files;
- Disburses petty cash by recording entry; verifying documentation;
- Keeps in touch with stock controller to ensure complete acceptance of goods and their matching with invoices.

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