Agile Coach
JOB TITLE: Agile Coach
PUBLISHED: 2020-11-13 LAST UPDATED: 2020-11-13 DEADLINE: 2020-11-30

We are looking for candidates to fill an Agile Coach position. Please apply if you want to take a part in the Bank’s transformation and work in a start-up like environment.

Summary of role

Agile Coach will be responsible for shifting and transforming the mindset of the organization to become more agile. Agile coach will Educate and mentor all levels of the organization to use agile techniques and foster agile mindset


- Guides the team and organization on how to use agile practices methodologies
- Coaches the team; facilitates transparent and adaptive team culture
- Supports product owner on release planning and backlog management
- Removes impediments such as cultural barriers or logistic challenges
- Fosters close cooperation across all team members, encourages cross-training and supporting each other
- Facilitates communication and collaboration inside and outside the team
- Implements Agile process, principles and practices across all levels of the team and organization
- Fosters self-organization and growth within the team
- Generates agile mindset in team through conversations, coaching, and role playing exercises
- Builds a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of punishment
- Facilitates squad’s ceremonies: planning, retrospective

Required skills and background

- 3 years of experience in agile development, with specific scrum master or similar experience preferable
- Past developer experience is also appreciated but not necessary (preferably in agile setup)
- Ability to coach team on agile practices and ensures adherence to agile methodology to deliver maximum business value on time
- Strong communication skills with ability to communicate complex messages and teach new concepts
- Able to resolve conflicts within the team before they become an issue, i.e. a strong mediator
- Actively coaches and mentors in order to grow and maximize the team’s potential
- Deep knowledge of relevant domains/products/journeys
- Ability to promote innovative thinking and self-improvement within the team
- Confident and skilled at navigating the team through road-blocks to allow sprints to be completed on time
- Brings a high-energy and passionate outlook to the job and can influence those around them

How to Apply

If you are confident about your skills and feel that you are ready for the job, please send your CV to, with “Agile Coach” in the subject field (deadline November 29).

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