Career Support Specialist
JOB TITLE: Career Support Specialist
PUBLISHED: 2020-12-29 LAST UPDATED: 2020-12-29 DEADLINE: 2021-01-28

I.Position Information

Job Code Title: Career Support Specialist
Project title: VET for the future: development of VET providers’ excellence in Azerbaijan
Department: 53804

Reports to: Project Manager
Reports: N/A
Grade level: SB3/2
Duty Station: Baku
Family Duty Station as of Date of Issuance: Yes
Duration and Type of Assignment: 1 (one) year service contract with the possibility for extension subject to satisfactory performance
Grade level: SB3/2
Duty Station: Baku
Family Duty Station as of Date of Issuance: Yes
Duration and Type of Assignment: 1 (one) year service contract with the possibility for extension subject to satisfactory performance

II. Organizational Context

The Government of Azerbaijan has recognized the importance of developing the VET system in the “Strategic Roadmap for Vocational Education and Training,” “Strategic Roadmap on SME development” (approved in 2016) and many other government programmes. The general objective of these policy documents is to reform Azerbaijan’s VET system and lead to better results through improvements in infrastructure, educational content, professional capacity, recognition of prior learning, internal quality assurance and social partnerships (including public-private partnerships).
The project “VET for the future development of VET providers’ excellence in Azerbaijan” is intended to support the modernization of VET institutions in Azerbaijan to deliver competence-based training in order to increase the attractiveness and labour market relevance of VET. Project activities will be piloted in seven VET schools/centers (four in Baku and three in the regions - Ganja, Jalilabad and Sheki). The selected regions are a top priority for the Ministry of Education and have been selected based on factors such as labor market relevance, priority sectors for country development, private sector interest and the existence of required infrastructure. The project’s main target groups will be youth, adults, internally displaced persons, professional, administrative and management staff of the center and unemployed men and women. The project is also expected to increase public awareness, change occupational stereotypes, improve inclusivity and support for people with disabilities and attract more women to VET. The best practices derived through this project in the targeted locations with be later further replicated in other regions.
Objective of the assignment
Another cause for the lack of the interest and popularity of VET is the absence of support for career promotion and choice, as well as the underdeveloped career support system. The Employment Strategy of Azerbaijan for 2019-2030 streamlines the role of VET centres in provision of career support system, as well as strong cooperation in this direction with Regional Employment Service’s offices.
The project intends to recruit full time Career Support Specialist to support project team to establish and strength the career guidance services in selected VET providers. The expert should conduct skills gap analyses and as a result of the needs (gaps) assessment, the factors behind the lack of interest for vocational education will be identified and proposals will be drafted to address the bottlenecks. Support will be provided for the establishment and operation of Career Support Centers in 7 VET providers, including the development of career guidelines for the regulation of professional orientation and career support services in VET providers. Training and team building exercises will be organized for career service staff to improve their skills. Career support activities will be piloted in the seven targeted VET providers, as well as in three additional centers to be identified jointly with SAVE. The direct beneficiaries of this activity will be 2,000 secondary school students, 3,000 students enrolled in VET courses, 2,000 adults and 100 PwDs.
In support of career development, the expert should organize events in secondary schools, such as meetings with pupils and students (with a particular focus on female students and people with disabilities), open houses, career fairs, etc. Support will be provided for the employment of students and course participants and the organization of career days with employers for career opportunities, participation in exhibitions in 8 sectors and the organization of events for 1,000 adults and 250 students (WBL) involved in educational programmes. Infrastructural support for the establishment of career services will be provided through Activity 2.1, while support measures for the development of promotional materials are envisaged under Activity 4.1.

III. Duties and Responsibilities

Under the guidance and direct supervision of UNDP Project Maanger, Career Support Specialist will perform the following key functions:

- Develop the strategy for career guidance and career service in the VET providers on the basis of the needs (gap) analysis;
- Support by establishment of Career Support Centers in 7 VET providers and coordination of daily work of career coordinators in 7 VET providers;
- Develop the new career guidance and counselling methodology and the guidelines for the establishment of Career Support Centers;
- Organize team building activities and training courses for career support services;
- Coordination of career support service by development of CV database of graduate and conducting of tracery studies
- Provide support for meetings, open days, career fairs and other events with the participation of secondary school students and their parents;
- Organize eight sector exhibitions for the participation of VET providers with their own stands and promotional materials;
- Ogranize the career days, fairs and workshops with the participation of the employers;
- Support to develop online platform for career promotion and selection, career support for students and graduates.
- Evaluate and screen active open job vacancy and support by apply to vacany by students and graduate of VET providers
- Using of databases and social media for career support services;
- Provide support with employment opportunities for 2,000 adults and 500 students in new courses and 1,000 adults and 250 students;
- Perform other project related activities in career support services.
- Undertake other relevant matters assigned by the PM.



Innovation- Ability to make new and useful ideas work

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Leadership- Ability to persuade others to follow

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

People Management - Ability to improve performance and satisfaction

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Communication - Ability to listen, adapt, persuade and transform

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)

Delivery - Ability to get things done

Level 3: Apply & Adapt (Recognized contributor with demonstrated ability)


Promoting Organizational Learning and Knowledge Sharing
• Researches best practices and poses new, more effective ways of doing things
• Documents innovative strategies and new approaches

Sensitivity and adaptability
• Displays cultural, gender, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability

• Focus on result for the client and responds positively to feedback;
• Remain calm, in control and good humored even under pressure;
• Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complexities

Working in teams
• Accepts team role, contributes to the work of the team actively and constructively
• Works collaboratively with team members, sharing information openly and displaying cultural awareness and sensitivity
• Proactively pursues solutions to team problems and asks for help when needed
• Works collaboratively with colleagues inside UN/UNDP as well as its partners and other stakeholders to pursue common goals
• Takes action to resolve sources of tension or obstacles that may prevent a team from achieving its goals
• Integrate the ideas of team members from other disciplines/perspectives into his/her thinking by leveraging the different experiences and expertise
• Takes initiative and seeks opportunities to initiate action

Job Knowledge/Technical Expertise
• Understands and applies fundamental concepts and principles of a professional discipline or technical specialty relating to the position
• Possesses basic knowledge of organizational policies and procedures relating to the position and applies them consistently in work tasks
• Analyzes the requirements and synthesizes proposals
• Strives to keep job knowledge up-to-date through self-directed study and other means of learning
• Demonstrates good knowledge of information technology and applies it in work assignments
• Ability to strategically link communication with partnership goals and resource mobilization objectives
• Familiarity with HR and HR databases, recruitment management and marketing
• Familiarity with social media, especially LinkedIn
• Experience in and knowledge of recruitment process

Client orientation
• Anticipates client needs;
• Works towards creating an enabling environment for a smooth relationship between the clients and service provider;
• Demonstrates understanding of client’s perspective
Promoting Accountability and Results-Based Management
• Gathers and disseminates information on best practice in accountability and results-based management systems
• Prepares timely inputs to reports
• Maintains databases

V. Recruitment Qualifications


• Bachelour degree in Education, Human Resource, Economy and Management


• At least 7 years working experience, out of 5 in Human Resource department or other related field in Career guidance development, Career Development Trainer, mentor coach etc.;
• Experience in education sector and especially vocational education sector would be considered as an strong asset;
• Experience working with international or public organizations would be considered an advantage;

Language requirements:

• Fluency in both oral and written English and Azerbaijani is required

How to apply:

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