Inspection Engineer
JOB TITLE: Inspection Engineer
EMPLOYER: Oil and Gas Company DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-01-25 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2021-02-24

Department: Quality Department

Work location: Baku
Reports to: Inspection Lead Engineer

Job scope:

Evaluates completed inspections and conducts inspection work against established engineering standards and quality criteria set by the Refinery plant. Ensures work performed by inspectors, technicians and contract personnel is meeting all technical and quality control requirements.

Duties & Responsibilities:

- Conducts inspection and testing for non-rotary refinery equipment (including pressure vessels, columns, heaters, heat exchangers, boilers, safety valves, storage tanks, and pipelines) to assure continued and safe operation, as required by codes and standards.
- Inspects safety valves (cold and hot settings). Inspects sphere tanks (internal and external welding lines) for cracks.
- Conducts in-service inspection on the refinery equipment.
- Recommends which equipment needs to be replaced or repaired without affecting the production process.
- Issues overhaul inspection reports and monthly work reports.
- Trains and coaches fresh junior engineers.
- Employs below Non-Destructive Tests:
  - Visual Inspection.
  - Ultra Sonic waves Test (flaw Detection). Ultrasonic Thickness measurements (UT).
  - Magnetic Particles Test (MPT).
  - Penetrant Test (PT).
  - Hydrostatic Pressure Test.
  - Pneumatic Pressure Tightness Test.
  - Acoustic Emission Test.
- Determines replacement, repair requirements and remaining service life of equipment and piping based on evaluation of inspection findings and operating condition.
- Provides recommendations with analysis of equipment conditions and corrective/ preventive actions.
- Issues clearance certificates and reports of equipment after inspection and testing.
- Maintain a working knowledge of best practices and industry codes and standards.
- Create and maintain a neat, clean, and well-organized and professional-looking work area.
- Responsible for ensuring required inspections are being completed in a timely manner.
- Maintain project quality logs, forms, documentation, etc.
- Responsible for ensuring all QC records up to date for audit purposes.
- Understands SDM HAOR Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.
- Complies with all safety rules and company policies of SDM HAOR.
- Performs various other duties and activities as assigned by Inspection Lead Engineer within the physical constraints of the job.

Skills & knowledge:


• Sound background in: engineering, process technology, metallurgy, equipment design, and corrosion degradation modes.
• - Inspection of fixed equipment, pressure vessels
• - Piping inspection
• - Inspection of storage tanks
• - NDT inspection and evaluation
• - Pressure tests: hydrostatic, pneumatic, leak test vacuum box, POP test for PSV
• - Familiar with codes and standards such as ASME, AWS, API, NACE, TEMA, ASTM, NBIC.
• - Workshop inspection activities
• - Welding inspection
• - Coating and lining inspection
• - Refractory and insulation inspection
• - Inspection of fired heaters and hydrogen reformers.
• - Thermo vision camera and skin temperatures
• Strong communication, organization, troubleshooting analytical and multi-tasking skills
• Strong technical writing skills
• Ability to collaborate with others and good team building skills


• Aware of & familiar with issues surrounding high pressure and high H2S facilities, and have managed staff in a similarly challenging high-risk environment.

Minimum qualifications:


• Degree in a relevant engineering discipline or higher in a materials/Metallurgic related subject.
• Experience should be a minimum of 5 years in the oil & gas industry, Upstream/ Downstream particularly in project execution activities.
• Important soft skills include: Strong written and verbal communication skills, the ability to listen well, good organizational skills, self motivated to learn, successful experience working as part of a team being comfortable with change and being able to respond rapidly to it. Results oriented.


• Solid understanding reliability maintenance, and the use of operational and condition monitoring data to develop preventative maintenance strategies
• Having some of below certificates or equivalents is an advantage:
• 1 API-510 40057 Pressure vessel inspector
• 2 API-570 41405 Process piping inspector
• 3 API-653 43900 Storage tanks inspector
• 4 CSWIP 3.1 41001 welding inspector
• 5 CSWIP 3.2 61312/2 Senior welding inspector
• 6 RT LEVEL II Radiographic testing
• 7 UT LEVEL II Ultrasonic testing
• 8 MT LEVEL II Magnetic Particle testing
• 9 PT LEVEL II Liquid penetrant testing
• 10 VT LEVEL II Visual test
• 11 NACE CIP LEVEL I 36818 Coating and painting inspector

Other requirements:


• High level of proficiency with MS Office Suite and other common workplace software

Interested candidates should send their CVs noting their salary expectation to indicating the title of position in the subject line of their message.
Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered.

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