MM Inventory Engineer (Materials Management)
JOB TITLE: MM Inventory Engineer (Materials Management)
EMPLOYER: Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-03-15 LAST UPDATED: 2021-03-15 DEADLINE: 2021-04-14


JOB TITLE (JOB HOLDER) - MM Inventory Engineer (Materials Management)

Position to report: PSC Director
Present job holder: new recruitment


Absheron Early Production Scheme (EPS) is an early development phase to target a first gas production mid-2022. JOCAP Joint Operating Company of Absheron Petroleum is managing the EPS phase.
Absheron JV reference agreements are PSA, JOA and addendums.


The job holder performs the following Contracts Activities:

- Ensuring that Material Master Data is maintained and current
- Liaise with the business groups and vendors ensuring the preparation of Material Master Data
- Ensure that collected material master data is complete and meets the required standards
- Subject matter expert in SAP MM implementation (part of ERP core team)
- Responsible for Company Inventory Stock Management.
- Maintain Data Consistency, Configuration and accuracy in accordance with established protocols and conventions
- Define Material / Item Classification, spares, general or consumable using the item type definitions
- Maintain Material Data Integrity
- Maintain Data Accuracy
- Check to ensure that the item doesn't already exist in the inventory (duplications cleansing)
- Communicate with operations and suppliers as required
- Ensure that collected material master data is complete and meets the required standards
- Liaise with Global Material Cataloguing in the management of the SAP

Material Master function

- Prepare ad-hoc/periodic reports of activities as required
- Build warehouse inventory business process with logistics team
- Establish warehousing guides and procedures in coordination with Logistics Team
- Responsible to conduct regular stock checks with Warehouse personnel
- Manage the PSC processes: Receive/Issue requests or scope from requesting entities
- Define Material/ Item Classification, spares, general or consumable using the item type definitions.
- Ensure validation of all Purchase Orders (PO) and process (including partners approval)
- Receive, control and manage proper distribution of all Purchase Requisitions (PRs) for Materials coming from all other entities of the Company
- Ensure validation of all contractual documents and formal letters issued by PSC entity
- Define, adopt and monitor adapted PSC inventory/warehousing strategies
- Engage all necessary activities for PSC software (SAP, as applicable)
- Preparation of Purchase orders run by MRP
- Ensure good archive / records done both physically and electronically
- Meeting the Procurement Cycle deadlines and report on PSC KPIs

The job holder manages Compliance:

- Follow PSC policies, strategies and procedures to ensure compliance with legislation, Company HSE policy and evolving company objectives
- Ensure that employees of the Company work in agreement with the PSC Charter
- Ensure that tendering procedures and processes are strictly adhered to and the ethical rules related to Contracts and procurement defined by the Company are respected
- Ensure that supplier selection is carried out in accordance with Company requirements and compliance program and that safety and environmental assessments are part of the selecting process

Tools: Ensure the appropriate use of PSC tools (SAP, ARIBA, e-Sourcing, as applicable); Ensure an efficient management of suppliers of the Company (pre-qualification, qualification, performance follow up, database, management by panel, financial analysis).


- Comply with the Activities described within the HSE Management System
- Take reasonable care of her/his own Health/Safety and Others who may be affected by their acts at work
- Know responsibilities to environmental issues in the work areas
- Each employee, at his level of responsibility, must observe all Company Rules, Procedures and instructions in the performance of his own task

As such his duties and areas of authority are:

- Follow HSE instructions given by Managers and supervisory personnel
- Assure of the safety of his work site before commencing work
- Take the necessary measures to avert immediate threat of danger
- Exercise such caution as is necessary to avoid danger to persons and installations or to avoid pollution
- Use tools, equipment and their safeguards correctly
- Use the provided means of personal protection correctly
- Leave workplace behind correct and orderly, upon job completion – enforce the Company Clean Desk policy
- Report any anomaly, abnormal conditions and near miss to supervisor
- Participate actively in HSE meetings, safety talks, tool boxes, training sessions and drills
- Co-operate actively in the execution of the HSE plans
- Authority to suspend activities when there is a potential or actual threat to human life, the installation or the environment, and notify forthwith the responsible supervisor


PSC is an important factor in the day to day operations of the Company. Lack or untimely delivery of materials or services whatever its value may have important production and financial consequences. Logistical constraints are to be expected especially in the Foreign Purchasing Areas.

The job holder works in a multidisciplinary procurement and supply chain environment (drilling, field operations, development, operations, IST, finance) in an international and local content environment. He must:

- Manage Procurement activities within the Company in compliance with Company policies and legislation
- Participate in optimization of economic performance, quality and time efficiency of PSC operations in the Company
- Plan, organize, manage and control all the Company’s requirements relates to PSC
- Proactively get involved with other Company entities in order to ensure that appropriate level of service are being achieved in terms of quality, cost and time efficiency QUALIFICATIONS / EXPERIENCE / SKILLS
- Diploma: BA / BS degree or Engineering Degree is mandatory
- Master Degree is preferred
- Significant experience in Spare parts planning, and Material Cataloguing.
- Knowledge of Materials Management Processes and its implementation via SAP.
- Knowledge of the Supply Chain end to end process and it implementation via SAP.
- Familiar with standardization and other inventory optimization techniques, and have demonstrable skills in inventory control, materials handling, and on the job training.
- CIPS Qualification is preferred
- Minimum 7-10 years’ experience in Oil & Gas Procurement and Supply Chain (Material Management)
- Experience in O&G international procurement and supply chain is recommended
- Fluent in English, Azeri and Russian (spoken and written)
- Be proactive, reliable, responsible and accurate with an attention to detail
- Proficiency in SAP software and MS Office applications
- Capacity to train newly recruited PSC personnel with PSC Induction and fundamental trainings

Interested applicants should submit their CV in English to

For candidates: Please indicate the name of the position  you are applying for in the subject line of the email. Otherwise your candidacy will not be considered.

Deadline for applications – 15rd April, 2021.

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