JOB TITLE: Warehousman
EMPLOYER: Socar Cape DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-07-13 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2021-08-12

Dept/Area: Construction site
Location: Azerbaijan / Caspian region
Job Title: Warehousman
Reports To (position): Warehouse Manager
Key Relationships: Procurement, site staff, Warehouse staff

Primary Job Purpose: write a statement explaining the job’s overall purpose, in doing so, try to answer the question “why does the job exist?”

Coordinating and expediting the flow of work and materials between various departments are the main responsibilities of a Material Controller. Within their position, Material Controllers review and distribute production and shipping schedules and check with department managers to gauge progress, inventory levels and production issues. In addition, they must examine materials for compliance with purchasing and storage issues and document any exceptions.

Job Dimensions: Set out relevant facts and figures relating to the job (if relevant)

Key Accountabilities: a few short sentences to define the key “delivery” elements of the job and the results it is expected to achieve. These are timeless i.e. they do not change unless the job changes significantly.

Responsible for communicating with different departments and helping meet production schedules, Material Controllers must be knowledgeable about the inventory and materials they handle.

Key Responsibilities: short single statements describing main tasks of role

To accomplish their main functions of keeping materials organized and accounted for, Material Controllers perform various tasks. We examined multiple job listings to identify these primary Material Controller duties and responsibilities.

Coordinating Materials

• Material Controllers coordinate and expedite movement of materials between departments according to each department’s production and shipping requirements. They also create and maintain computerized records of these movements.

Order Management

• Computation of the amounts of material or items required to complete specific job orders is a responsibility of Material Controllers. They must have knowledge of product manufacturing and related processes to successfully estimate how much each department or job requires.

Inventory Control

• Knowing how to create, compile and maintain manual or computerized records is an essential job duty of Material Controllers. They need these records to be able to verify inventory numbers and locations and to have available in the instance of an audit. Various software programs can be utilized to help with inventory control.

Transporting Materials

• Material Controllers often have to move or transport materials between departments in response to production needs. Knowledge of equipment such as forklifts or pallet jacks is helpful. In addition, knowing how to move items safely without bodily injury to themselves or others is essential.

Examining and Verifying Materials

• Upon receiving new inventory, Material Controllers are tasked with examining the materials to verify that they conform to production specifications. They must be familiar with these specifications or have the ability to look in the reference manuals for the information. They must document any exceptions and arrange for the return or exchange of any materials that fail to meet specifications.
• Creating a storage system for inventory that’s orderly and accessible and includes identifying information
• Managing inventory control using various industry software programs and running daily shipping and receiving reports
• Reviewing vendor pricing on a consistent basis to ensure the company is receiving the best available pricing for each item
• Creating and maintaining inventory, product cost and logistics data records that are easily accessible
• Ensuring that delivered items match purchase order documentation
• Preparing detailed lists of items or goods that need purchasing or repairing
• Weighing and measuring products that enter the storage environment

Other features of job (shift, travel, working conditions if applicable)

• Minimum of 3 years of experience
• Appropriate knowledge of computer programs
• Appropriate Level of education
• Painting and coating knowledge

E-mail: cv@socarcape.az

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