Office manager - Translator
JOB TITLE: Office manager - Translator
EMPLOYER: CÀSÀ Culinary Arts School of Azerbaijan DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-06-25 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2021-07-25

Job Description

Position within: Office manager - Translator
Reports to: Business Development manager
Location: Daniz Mall
Category: Culinary
Department: CÀSÀ Culinary Arts School of Azerbaijan

Job Purpose:

1. To organize the work of the office at a high level, and to perform the tasks of various departments.
2. Order office supplies, noting the needs of the departments.
3. The office shall contact suppliers in accordance with other necessary requirements and provide orders.
4. Maintain office policies, follow health and safety procedures, and require other employees to follow them.
5. Ensuring the accounting of office expenses.
6. Accepts correspondence received for consideration by the supervisor, passes it to the structural units in accordance with the adopted decision or to the relevant departments for use in the work process or in the preparation of responses;
7. Prepares documents and materials necessary for the work of the manager and translates, if necessary
8. Provides the office with the necessary organizational technology, stationery,
9. Compiles letters, inquiries and other documents on behalf of the supervisor, prepares responses to the authors of the letter, translates if necessary.
10. Keeps records and records of incoming and outgoing documents.
11. Organizes the reception of guests.
12. Translates scientific, technical and other special documents and, if necessary, sent or received documents.
13. Translates correspondence with foreign organizations, as well as materials of meetings, seminars and trainings from Azerbaijani to English or from English to Azerbaijani.
14. Translates simultaneously (English-Azerbaijani or Azerbaijani-English) during training.
15. Performs oral and written, complete and abbreviated translations in a timely manner, ensuring that the translations are fully consistent with the lexical, stylistic and semantic content of the originals.
16. Edits translations into Azerbaijani and English.

Key Responsibilities

• Other business areas will have best fit resource when needed
• Minimum 2 years of experience as a translator

Interested candidates are welcome to send their CVs to by indicating the name of the vacancy in the subject line of the letter.

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