Telecom Technician
JOB TITLE: Telecom Technician
EMPLOYER: Sigma Technical Services DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-07-02 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2021-08-01

Telecom Technician


- At least 2 years experience in Telecoms industry
- Advanced knowledge of main Telecoms systems available on sites with ability to troubleshoot and fix a problem without or minimum support from SME (Subject Matter Expertise). Clear understanding of all associated technical and safety risks.
- Understanding design, functionality and operability of interplatform Telecoms services. Ability to coordinate and lead maintenance activities that could affect interfiled services.
- Preparation of preventive maintenance and break fix procedures as required
- Fluent in English language (read/write/speak) with ability to explain a problem to non technical personnel
- Good understanding of engineering processes and procedures (EQ, MOC, GOC).
- Awareness of Data network communication technologies and advanced IT skills.
- Technical background in relevant discipline is required.
- Knowledge of the following technologies / systems: Fibre Optic, UHF / VHF radio, telephone exchange, public address, TV and Audio entertainment, CCTV, time division multiplexing, data communication, local and wide area networks, PC workstations, global positioning, hazardous area equipments specifications.
- Awareness of safety policy & procedures
- Awareness of Digital Security policy
- Awareness of engineering processes and procedures (EQ, MOC, GOC)
- Ability to use/read drawings and complete RED LINE changes as required. PC skills and ability to work on PC based telecoms equipment.
- Non-ionising radiation awareness, Laser safety awareness, Protection in Hazardous Areas and EX Certification
- Good organization, communication and time management skills
- Good command of English
- An awareness and general understanding of GHSER, HSEMS, Client’s Codes and Practices. Awareness of Digital Security policy


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