Office manager/Training coordinator (OM/TC)
JOB TITLE: Office manager/Training coordinator (OM/TC)
EMPLOYER: Develor Azerbaijan DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-07-17 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2021-08-16

Position- Office manager/Training coordinator (OM/TC)
Organisational unit: Admin
Supervisor: Country Director


Ensure happy office life and high quality training materials.


OM/TC is responsible for happy & comfortable life in the office and high quality training materials and provides support, namely:
- Provide office with all required materials and equipment
- Provide trainers with all required training materials
- Administrative support
- Organisational support of delivery activities
- Organisational support of marketing activities
- Preparation of standard proposals


Provide office with all required materials and equipment
1. Ensure availability of all relevant office stationary and resources (water, food, paper, cleaning etc.)
2. Ensure operability of all office equipment (telephone, printer, coffee machine etc.)
3. Find required suppliers, communicate with them directly, ensure documentation flow and timely payment & delivery.
4. Ensure clean and neat storage of all office supplies.

Provide trainers with all required training materials
1. Produce all required training materials – in best quality and timely, such as participants’ workbooks, handouts, certificates.
2. If not possible to produce in the office – order production of training materials from service providers.
3. If not available in the office storage, buy required additional training materials and stationary (ropes, books, pencils etc.)
4. Keep track of available training materials to optimize production and printing time and materials.

Administrative support
1. Collect all required documents from providers and timely provide them to accounting service.
2. Organisation of internal staff meetings, (i.e Develor Days, PAMs, meetings) including coordination with participants, sending calendar invitations, catering, stationary and equipment.
3. Produces internal orders for business travels, holidays and others.
4. Proactive organisation of informal team events (birthday, teambuilding) including dates, venue, catering, gifts.
5. In case of recruitment process, post job ads, collect CVs in relevant G-Drive folder and organise interviews.
6. Makes draft payments to providers in online bank.

Organisational support of delivery activities
1. Record training evaluation data into relevant G-Drive spreadsheet (Evaluation score and comments about materials) on a monthly basis.
2. Coordination of delivery dates with trainer and Training Calendar spreadsheet.
3. Preparation and sending of training invitations, information letters, home works and follow-up letters to participants.
4. Updating information in Sharky regarding Deliveries.
5. Organization of the training venue upon client’s request – inc. booking conference rooms, catering, equipment.
6. Ensure organisation of business travel – prepare budgets, buy tickets, book hotels and provide info to KAM.
7. Prepare Sharky Online surveys for trainings – get questions from trainer, and provide them with QR code.
8. Prepare first version of training report and provide it to trainer and KAM.

Organisational support of marketing activities
1. Organization of the event venue– inc. booking conference rooms, catering, equipment.
2. Order production of marketing and promo materials from service providers.
3. Make regular information inputs into the social networks and company web-site.

Preparation of standard proposals
Supervised by KAM

1. Clear drafting of typical standard proposals.
2. Customization of trainer profiles according to request.
3. Customization of training agenda in collaboration with trainers.
4. Translation of proposals to English, Russian, Azeri.
5. Provide proposals to KAM’s proofreading before sending to clients.

Other, job related duties to be performed
1. Professional development (DEVELOR products, skills development, internal knowledge sharing)
2. Additional various small requests from MD.


1. Gets order of training materials from trainers at least 3-5 days in advance.
2. Gets information about Venue Request for trainings from KAM. Provides them with info about budget.
3. Gets information from KAM about business travels, approves details with trainer, if required, and provides KAM with info about budget.
4. Gets all relevant information for preparation of training materials from trainer (printing & buying materials) and from KAM (list of participants for certificates)
5. Gets questions for Sharky online survey from trainers, provides them with QR codes.
6. Informs CD about required payments in online bank.
7. Gets information about internal meetings from CD.
8. Gets information about marketing events from CD.


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