Education agent
JOB TITLE: Education agent
EMPLOYER: Company DUTY STATION: Azerbaijan
PUBLISHED: 2021-09-10 LAST UPDATED: N/A DEADLINE: 2021-10-10

The company offers consulting services in the field of higher education for candidates of undergraduate, postgraduate programs and other forms of education of higher learning. The consulting services are aimed at the research, selection and recommendation of universities or other places of learning and programs, as well as the entire application process and its requirements. The business will adopt an individual approach towards each prospective student and will recommend the best possible route to personal fulfillment and choice of education/ training program taking into account personal abilities, aspirations and academic success, thus recognizing the uniqueness of each prospective student.

Personal skills:

- Willingness to learn new skills and meet new people.
- Determination and tenacity
- Good Awareness of school/college structure in Azerbaijan/Baku
- Well developed communication and influencing skills
- Strong internet and digital skills
- Willingness to discuss higher education issues
- College education completed as a minimum
- Commitment for personal development

Job description:

Basically, the "job responsibilities" of the education agent can be summed up as seeking college/school graduates or other propsective students from Baku or across Azerbaijan interested in pursuing higher education experience at European universities with the language of instruction is in English and recommend our consulting services to them. The education agents will be involved in promoting and advertising our company services and to communicate convincingly to school/college leavers in Baku that we can offer high quality and reliable education consulting services and advice on making a successful university application for higher education experience outside of Azerbaijan in order to benefit would be students' personal development, as well as making a proper and reasonable choice for further study or making the most of university life.

This job offers great flexibility. can also use social media channels to engage in conversations with prospective students to raise the brand awareness of our consulting business. The methods used to deliver expected results are completely up to you. You can show your resourcefulness and originality to come up with new ways of doing the job. You have full flexibility and absolute freedom to use whatever approach you think works best how to do deliver results as education agent in order to attract students to our consulting business. There is no requirement from applicants for previous experience in student affairs and there is no requirement for traveling to another location when doing that job. You will be working locally.

The education agent provides the link between the prospective student and education consultant

Applicants should take into consideration the fact that the job of education agent can be perceived as a second professional engagement and can be combined with another job.

Applications are welcome from all backgrounds, but preference will be given to those applicants with experience in the education/secondary school system in Azerbaijan.


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