Civil Engineer (National)
JOB TITLE: Civil Engineer (National)
PUBLISHED: 2021-09-14 LAST UPDATED: 2021-09-14 DEADLINE: 2021-10-14

The State Committee on Urban Planning and Architecture of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SCUPA) has commenced initiative to adapt Building Information Modelling (BIM) in its institutional procedures and implementing practices as one of the pillars of the smart city development. SCUPA aspired that in number of EU and CIS countries the BIM implementation programs/plans were adopted and are in full swing. Every November-December, the Government of Azerbaijan approves the public investment program (PIP) for the following year. The annual state budget allocation under PIP includes financing for the construction of various state-run facilities (schools, hospitals, courts, ASAN state services, customs check points, etc.). However, BIM is yet to be adapted as part of design for these facilities. Moreover, the private sector construction companies also rarely use BIM and are unfamiliar with the required standards.

SCUPA intends to establish a working group comprising all concerned parties (including Ministry of Emergency Situations, relevant design institutions, private contractors etc.) to conceptualize the application of BIM in Azerbaijan. Implementation of BIM will be a long-term process, with the establishment of the BIM Strategy and Action Plan as a necessary first step. Over the next 3-5 years, SCUPA will be implementing a first set of actions, including the upgrading the existing design norms and standards, which are in use by national project design institutions both public and private. The close to “zero” level of BIM application also means developing new standards and building in-country expertise. A new legal framework with the needed BIM’s parameters should be prepared and SCUPA’s capacity in enforcing the relevant legislation be strengthened.


Under Strategy 2030, ADB is set to strengthen its role as a knowledge partner and enhance value addition to the Developing Member Countries through integration of financing and knowledge. Cities in Central and West Asia region face many development challenges in managing rapid urbanization, including growing infrastructure deficits, increasing risks of climate change and disasters, environmental stress, limited institutional capacities, and lack of interagency coordination. Data-driven analytics and evidence-based decision making will help pave the way for strategic dialogue, better policy formulation and informed project identification and preparation that lead to impactful and sustainable development in integrated urban planning.
SCUPA requested ADB’s advisory support for its ongoing work in developing the strategy for adopting and enforcing BIM.

Expected Outputs:

National consultant (3 person-months over the duration of 4 months) assists the international consultant to perform relevant tasks and shall:

(i) serve as a source for information and data gathering,
(ii) compile the relevant national laws and by-laws, if necessary, organize their translations, to support BIM implementation in Azerbaijan,
(iii) lead organization of knowledge-sharing workshop on BIM adoption for SCUPA officials and concerned project design institutes.

Qualification Requirements

Education: Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, computer science, or other related fields.

Relevant Experience:

- No less than 5 years’ experience of developing projects;
- Advanced familiarity with the national civil engineering norms and legislation.
- Experience of working on a variety of components such as architecture, civil work, electrical and mechanical systems, etc. using BIM process is desired.


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